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Free Water Testing Lab, Francine's Pools, Fort Fairfield, Maine

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Proudly doing business in Aroostook County for 25 years!

To start off your season right, bring a bottle of water, we have a water testing lab. This lab has the ability to test both types of pool water, chlorine, and Baquacil. In no time you can get results on your water quality and receive friendly step-by-step instructions to eliminate any potential problems. Part of this package includes an easy to read season calendar that provides you with weekly dosage instructions, that's practically fool proof.

Francine's Pools and Spas has the ability to fulfill just about every pool and/or spa needs that you may have. Need a new pool, a new spa, a new liner, a pool cover, replacement pieces, pool toys, or something to enhance your spa experience by stimulating you with various fragrances???

Why shop anywhere else!! This sounds almost like heaven, just relax and let Francine make your life a breeze....

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