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The chlorine free swimming pool sanitizer that works harder...
So you don't have to.


We feel it's time for you to switch from chlorine to Baquacil. You'll get a hassle free pool and more time on your hands to enjoy that pool during our short season.

The chlorine free swimming pool sanitizer that works harder...
So you don't have to.

Now its easy to put the fun back in your swimming pool! Because with BAQUACIL, the chlorine-free pool sanitizer, you can forget about the constant, time consuming monitoring of pool chemical levels - and take it easy!

Adding Baquacil is Easy.

Once a week, add BAQUA CHECK 50 Algicide. Test your pool water, and add BAQUACIL if needed. And with a monthly application of BAQUA SHOCK clarifier, your pool worries are over. All BAQUACIL products are in concentrated liquid form, and come in easy to use, easy to dispose containers. No messy powders, no tablets and no bad odor. Just pour it in!

BAQUACIL Won't Harm Swimmers... Or Your Pool.

Registered with the US Government (EPA) for use in residential swimming pools. Baquacil has been sanitizing pools for over 15 years! It won't discolor hair or bathing suits, and it won't damage or bleach costly pool liners like chlorine can. Baquacil is far less likely to irritate eyes and skin... and it's virtually odorless!

Your work day's done and the spa water's hot. Even before you step in, you can feel the stress bubbling away.

But wait, you have more work to do first... Testing the pH, balancing the water, adding the sanitizer.... That is only if you are using chlorine or bromine.

But if you are using Baqua Spa water care system, you're free to relax. Because Baqua Spa takes a lot less work. Just a few minutes, just once a week.

And Baqua Spa does its work without chlorine or bromine odor, bleaching and drying of skin.

As your local Baqua Spa dealer, I can show you how to escape from the world, and escape from the work.

Call Terry & Kathy Susee, 207-498-6452, today to learn more about how BAQUACIL or BAQUA SPA can give you years of hassle-free pool sanitizing!

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